About us





We are young and innovative team that prepares pastry goodies in the beautiful student city of Groningen. When we first came in Groningen we were thrilled to experience the life of this town and being foreigners ourselves we saw a new and brighter world filled with young and energetic people.


 But sometimes there are downsides of living away from your homeland as the biggest one undoubtedly is missing the food and meals that you have grown up with. It is amazing how the modern world provides opportunity and freedom for people to choose a place to live in from all around the world. But  our hearts can't forget the place where our roots once were and  it would  be great if there  is a small piece of our home to remind us about that happy place every once and a while.


This is where Sweet home pastry come into the rescue!! We know what is like to crave for the delicious breakfast that you use to eat as a child and  that's why we want to make it for you. We take pride in our passion for baking but what’s more we put our hearts in preparing traditional pastry recipes from foreign countries to help internationals in Groningen heal their nostalgic moments.  In this way the big community of undutchies studying, working and living in Groningen can feel more like home in the low lands. It is not only important to remember your roots  but also to make new friends and get to know each other. What's a better way of sharing your culture than sharing your eating customs and traditions. We believe that food brings people together like nothing else and this applies especially for pastry dessert, because let's face it who can resist warm and yammy baked goodies. We give the internationals an opportunity  to share with their new friends a special meal that comes from the heart of their country which is always tastier with company than enjoying  it alone.


To make it even better we offer to deliver it straight to your door. We do our best to bring the most authentic taste of common recipes from around the Europe. We wish one day to be able to provide a little piece of sweetness from every corner of the world but unfortunately we are  only human and we have limited resources. However we try to satisfy as many nationalities in Groningen as we can, therefore look forward for new upcoming recipes and countries you can explore a taste from. This is our way to make the internationals feel more like home and less like strangers in the Netherlands alongside with another way to explore new cultures and eating traditions for our Dutch friends.